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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a grant?
The Maxava iFoundation grant is available to approved IBM i interest and user groups.

How much money is in the grant pool?
Maxava has approved up to US$50,000 to the Maxava iFoundation for the 2017/2018 year.

What can we use the grant for?
Funding IBM i community initiatives which could include such items as, administration costs, group meetings and conferences, IBM i related education, membership growth initiatives, events and speaker support.

What can’t we use the grant for?
• Any personal expenses.
• Transactions or costs already incurred – for example deposits and purchases made prior to grant approval.

How much is the grant?
Grants of up to US$2,000 will be allocated following application assessment and at the discretion of the Maxava iFoundation. If there is a large number of highly deserving applicants, individual grants may be scaled back proportionally.

What is the relationship between the Maxava iFoundation and Maxava?
Maxava iFoundation has been established as a division of Maxava to support the IBM i community and as a vehicle to distribute funding to approved organizations.

How long does approval and payment take?
Applicants will be notified 4 weeks after the application close off date of 15 July 2017 and asked to authorize the payment and advise bank details.
Approved applicants will then receive payment by direct credit to their organization’s bank account. We will aim to make payment within 30 days of notification.

How many grants can we apply for?
One grant application is available per approved organization, per year.

What other obligations is my User Group up for?
Nothing much, but we do ask you to approve that we can acknowledge you as a recipient and reserve the right to ask you to provide details of how the funding was used and be able to share this information as we see fit.

Are there any other benefits available for my User Group?
Maxava is happy to provide a speaker for User Group meetings or conferences (subject to availability). Their services are available to you FREE OF CHARGE. To check on availability please email us.

Maxava also offers a US$250 referral contribution offer and a User Group Renewal Incentive Offer - visit for further details.

The Legal Stuff?
No legal or other obligations shall arise between the applicant and the Maxava iFoundation in relation to the conduct or outcome of the grant allocation process unless and until that applicant has received written notification of the acceptance of its application. The laws of New Zealand and the jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts govern the relationship between the Maxava iFoundation, Maxava and the applicant.

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